nuketools is a collection of various tools I made for a 2D compositing module at university. My computer science background and interest in pipeline development pushed me to focus on creating a more technologically-focused product. They were written to work with NukeX9.0v6, so your mileage may vary with other versions of Nuke. Please note that the projects may contain references to my local drive (for instance, post-build scripts), and therefore may need to be updated (although the project itself will compile without issue). Due to how the NDK API is structured, the code may be somewhat unclean in certain parts.


Converts and input image into a normal map with options for different algorithms, normalization, etc.


Generates a checkerboard mask with options for fuzziness, rotation, and scale.


Generates masks for various fractals with detailed control over each fractal.


Generates a radial gradient mask based on a custom user-provided curve and position.


Various image filters, such as temperature grading, channel mixing, vignette, and many more.

multi render

Script to render all selected nodes automagically.

Source Code

The source code can be obtained through my GitHub page.

As the official NDK states, these plugins must be compiled in release mode using Microsoft's 2010 compiler for compatibility reasons.