Align Camera to Faces in Maya

A feature largely missing from a number of 3D software packages is the ability to align a camera perfectly to a face's normal (thank you, Modo). Aligning the camera to a face, or average of selected faces, can be very useful for UV mapping, or even just scene navigation. The script below will align the active viewport's camera to the average angle of the selected faces, maintaining its distance. Usage is simple. Call the look_at_selected_faces() method with at least one face selected.

import maya.cmds as cmds
import pymel.core as pm
# faces = list of pm.MeshFace
def __get_average_center(faces):
	average = pm.datatypes.Vector()
	for curr_face in faces:
		points = curr_face.getPoints(space='world')
		average += reduce(lambda x, y: x+y, points) / len(points)
	return average / len(faces)
# faces = list of pm.MeshFace
def __get_average_normal(faces):
	average = pm.datatypes.Vector()
	for curr_face in faces:
		average += curr_face.getNormal(space='world')
	return average.normal()
def look_at_selected_faces():
	# get the active camera
	active_panel = pm.getPanel(wf=True)
	if 'scriptEditorPanel1' == active_panel:
		cmds.error("Please don't call me from the script editor!")
	active_camera_xform = pm.modelEditor(active_panel, camera=True, q=True)
	if None == active_camera_xform:
		cmds.error("Failed to find active panel's camera.")
	active_camera = pm.listRelatives(active_camera_xform)[0]
	# get all selected faces
	selected_faces = filter(lambda x: isinstance(x, pm.MeshFace), pm.selected())
	selected_faces = [x for sublist in selected_faces for x in sublist]
	if not len(selected_faces):
		cmds.error("Please select at least one face.")
	# compute average normal
	average_normal = __get_average_normal(selected_faces)
	# compute average position
	average_position = __get_average_center(selected_faces)
	# distance from camera's current position to average position
	initial_distance = (average_position - active_camera_xform.getTranslation(space='world')).length()
	# new position from average along normal by the initial camera's distance
	new_position = (average_position + average_normal * initial_distance)
	cmds.viewPlace(str(active_camera), an=True, eye=new_position, la=average_position, up=[0.0, 1.0, 0.0])