Part-Time Lecturer

Sep '17 - Present Bournemouth Uni

Taught and marked games development and design alongside my PhD. This includes assisting with modules as well as running complete modules by myself.

Technical Artist/Rigger

Mar '17 - Jul '17 Q-Games

I worked across teams to develop custom tools for games and pipelines. I often used C#, Python, MEL, and JavaScript. I later worked on internal R&D as well as creation of character rigs and some shaders.

Part-Time Lecturer

Feb '15 - Feb '17 Teesside Uni

Taught 3D graphics programming, physics programming, Unity, Unreal 4, 3D modeling, games history, research techniques, and supervised student game jams. Also created and lead a lengthy MEL and Python scripting workshop for artists. All done alongside my Master's degree.

Technical Artist

Apr '14 - Dec '14 Vitei

I made tools for artists and ensure that they can operate smoothly. I also sometimes created art, and other times programmed graphics.


Jun '13 - Sep '13 ISCAS

A short research project at the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences. Developed a real-time solution for simulation, interaction, and separation of layers within multi-layered materials.


PhD Candidate

Sep '17 - Present Bournemouth Uni

Formulating models of video game narrative, investigating relationships between UI paradigms and authoring workflow, building authoring tools, among many other things.

MA Computer Animation & VFX

'15 - '16 Teesside Uni

Studied VFX. Focused on pipline development, tools, rigging, modeling, and motion capture. Lots of compositing, green screen, camera work, and tracking. Familiarized with industry-standard packages.

MSc Computing

'15 - '16 Teesside Uni

Covered research methods, software engineering processes, and advanced pattern- driven development in Java.

BSc Games Programming

'10 - '13 Teesside Uni

Covered advanced games programming topics such as real-time graphics, physics, animation, gameplay, low-level device, and engine design.

BTEC ND Games Design Lv. 3

'08 '10 Middlesbrough College

Introduction to essentials essentials of game development and design.


Novella 2.0: A Hypertextual Architecture for Interactive Narrative in Games

PDF Hypertext '19

A systems architecture for representation, authoring, and integration of interactive stories, chiefly focusing on video games.

Define 'Authoring Tool': A Survey of Interactive Narrative Authoring Tools


A statistical analysis of IDN authoring tools.

Contemporary Issues in Interactive Storytelling Authoring Systems


Commentary on problems that plague the interactive storytelling authoring tool community.

Novella: An Authoring Tool for Interactive Storytelling in Games


Doctoral Consortium entry of my PhD work one year in.

Novella: A Proposition for Game-Based Storytelling


Initial works towards a game-centric model of interactive narrative.

Shelley's Heart: Experiences in Designing a Multi-Reader Locative Narrative


An experiment for reading locative narrative with multiple concurrent participants.

Cross-Platform Cloth Simulation API for Games

PDFEdutainment '16

Work towards a cloth simulation API.